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High-protein diets and testosterone: Clearing the confusion

In March 2022, I published a meta-analysis that found ‘high-protein diets’ (>3.4 g/kg of bodyweight/day) (g/kg/day) decreased men’s testosterone [1]. This finding was widely reported in the media, however the term ‘high protein diet’ was often used without qualification and context. The diets in the meta-analysis classified as ‘high protein’ … Read More

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How diets work – Scientific explanation

There are a variety of diets that help you lose weight such as low-carb, low-fat, paleo, vegan, and others. Their proponents often make specific claims as to why their diet works, and others don’t e.g. ‘carbs cause weight gain’. But, since many of these diets are effective (at least in … Read More

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2 simple & effective weight loss tips

We all want something for nothing, or the case of weight loss: results with little effort. Often articles on the internet promise this, but fail to deliver. Why? Because they fail to tackle the root of the problem. First, we need to understand what drives us to we eat, and … Read More